Mar 20, 2009

A New Back Yard with Planters

This Project was very simple and complicated at the same time. Simple when it comes to laying the stones and building the Planters. Preparing the ground work to make it ready for the stones was a tough job for us... the entrance to the backyard was very narrow for my machines to go in and out, and prepare the ground work.

Luckily behind the house there was a Public Park, we had to apply for a permit to use the City Park as our entrance to the back of the house to prepare the ground work. And take all the dirt out…... because of all these delays, the job which was planned to take 10 days from start to finish took us one month, plus a full time heavy rain, which made it very hard and messy to dig and prepare the ground for the stones. Finally the ground work was done, and we were ready to start the work.

We used Romanesque Cobble Stones from Oaks. The job came very nice. The color chosen complement the house nicely and added lots of value to the house.

These are some photo from the finished job. As you can see we had to take part of the fence to be able to enter and do our work.

Mar 7, 2009

A Driveway Project

Okay its almost spring and time to put your summer projects on paper and start planning . What is needed for your outdoor space. A new garden? walkway , a new driveway. Can you manage to do the project yourself or you have to hire a professional to do the job for you and create a masterpiece...

If a driveway is on your plan list this is a big driveway project we did couple of years ago, it will give you some ideas about the design , colors and detailed work.

Retaining Walls along side the Driveway

Circles and Shape Designs with Three Colors

A Big Planter at the entrance of the driveway

a full view of the entrance

to the house

circle infront the entrance

the guys are sweeping the sand

the big planter
the Driveway all the way to the lake
going down the hill to the lake